shirtless physique, 3 non-negotiables for health

Before you take another cold shower, before you bask in red light, before you take a plethora of supplements, it is absolutely necessary to prioritize and lead with foundational health building principals.

It is understandable that because the human body is complex, the functional wellness, fitness and medical communities all seem to offer esoteric and confusing recommendations regarding our health and fitness.  Many of these recommendations drive health in very powerful ways.  Unfortunately, often times these recommendations contradict each other while some even harm the body.  I know first-hand as I’m completely immersed in these fields every day all day in study and in practice (with myself and clients).  I’ve accumulated a great number of successes, failures and setbacks all of which have served as feedback that’s guided me towards ultimate truths.

There are 3 FOUNDATIONAL recommendations however, that are simple, easy to understand, work for everyone, withstand the test of time and always hold true.  These recommendations serve as the foundation for every single one of my clients because they are based in universal truth and without them, all other recommendations have nothing to stand on.

I doubt these will come as a big surprise but with our recent rapid growth in knowledge of the human body we can too often get caught up in biohacking, supplements, medical treatments and very nuanced recommendations.  Often times at the expense of overlooking the most powerful, but yet most simple things.


1:  Quit putting the junk in!  Trying to correct a disease state, build health, or a killer body through exercise and supplementation while eating junk is like trying to put out a fire with water on one side while the other side is being fueled with gasoline.  THE ONLY WAY TO HEAL ANYTHING is to stop doing the things that caused the problem in the first place and instead be sure to get sufficient quality whole foods.  Food is medicine.  Stop doing the things that stymie your progress and only then can you realistically expect to assuage your problems.  I’m not saying one shouldn’t celebrate life with fun foods and drinks, but be very selective as to when you do if you ever hope to attain your peak physiology.

2:  Keep regular circadian rhythms with sufficient quality sleep!  If you don’t, you won’t recover from the previous day, you’ll have low energy and mental capacity, and anything else you do to drive your health and fitness forward will not work.  Period.

3:  Daily exercise of varying intensities, modalities and durations!  The body needs movement with effort, to circulate lymph and blood.  A variety of stimuli, and movements to prevent imbalances and overtraining, and to build and maintain strength.  Quite simply, if you are not growing you are dying, there is no middle ground.  Give the body a reason to produce an adaptive response and maintain vitality or else it won’t.  Movement and exercise is the only way to do this and without it, all other attempts to attain your peak physiology are for naught.