Why start with the Gut for health and fat loss?

Simply put, we cannot address body fat and systemic inflammation without addressing the gut lining.

Many people suffer from a combination of dysbiosis, leaky gut, and inflamed body fat.  If one attempts to lose body fat in the midst of this you are creating greater inflammation as shrinking fat cells are considered an injury.

Thus, we must start with the gut to get inflammation in check, because immunity begins where your inner body meets the outside world and we cannot have health under chronic systemic inflammation.  Other than your gums this meeting most often happens in the gut lining, thus the largest concentration of macrophage cells are found in the gut.

If your gut lining is worn down (for any number of reasons), a toxin called lipopolysaccharide can penetrate into a deeper layer and cause hyper activation of inflammatory macrophage cells.  Once in this layer, this toxin and other bad bacteria can penetrate into the bloodstream.  Once in the blood, this toxin is drawn to your body fat and causes inflammation of your fat.  This causes weight gain amongst other perhaps more critical issues.

Poor oxygenation, poor circulation, insulin resistance and other hormonal issues are often culprits for poor health and body composition and are also addressed in STŌN health coaching, but with a compromised gut anytime we eat we are piling on to the ever growing problem.  It is this reason why gut health is usually considered our gatekeeper and the foundation of most health building strategies with STŌN.