Why do the vast majority of people who lose body fat through diet and exercise all regain it, if not immediately, within 5 years

Shrinking fat cells is considered an injury by your body.  Injury is governed by the immune system, be it pathological like a virus, physical like a cut or cellular like dead cells. The act of shrinking fat cells, is an injury at the cellular level and sets in motion a chain of mechanisms that ultimately drive weight regain!  The provocation of these mechanisms account for the fact 95% of dieters regain all their weight in 5 years.  Some even gain more than they lost.  Why? Because fat loss provokes SURVIVAL ADAPTIONS that are stronger than will power.  What are these adaptions?

What are Survival Adaptations?

  • ECM adaptions: Changes to the extra cellular matrix in fat tissue

  • Gut biome adaptions: Changes in the gut biome post fat loss

  • Hunger hormone adaptions: Changes in Leptin, Ghrelin and other hormones post fat loss

  • Hypothalamus upregulations:  Changes in key brain neuro-transmitters like Neuropeptide-Y and agouti-related peptide

  • Genetic Adaptions: Key genes and proteins activated by fat loss that drive weight regain

  • Lowered metabolism and heightened sense of pleasure from food: The gap between increased food intake and decreased energy production post fat loss.

In order to keep weight off over the long-term, these survival mechanisms must be addressed or countered.  For any client who seeks weight loss with me, addressing these countermeasures is integral for their long-term success.